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Congratulations Jeff Ledbetter!!!

When I first saw the news on Twitter timeline of Project Spurs founder Michael De Leon, I couldn't help but smile. The Major of Cedar Park, Jeff Ledbetter signed an Exhibit 10 contract to become the 20th, and final, edition to the San Antonio Spurs trading camp roster.

With 15 players already under contract, and a glut of guards in the backcourt, it is unlikely that Ledbetter will crack the Spurs roster. That said, with three years with both the Austin Spurs and the Spurs Summer League squads, Jeff has the institutional knowledge that Greg Popovich and the Spurs organization values.

Ledbetter was a veteran presence for the Spurs rookies at Summer League

This past summer, Ledbetter was a veteran presence for the Summer Spurs.

“He’s a glue guy. He keeps everybody on the same page,” Coach Becky Hammon said. “He has been around the system so he kind of knows what the deal is, what is expected of him and the team. He can kind of be a player-coach for you out there instructing guys, getting guys in the right spot, communicating certain terminology that maybe certain guys are not familiar with and you do not have time to go over every little thing.”

The Exhibit 10 contract comes with a bonus between$5,000 and $50,000 if Spurs terminate the contract and Ledbetter signs with the Austin Spurs (subject to some caveats).

The Exhibit 10 contract also contains a team option to convert the contract to a Two-Way contract. However, with Drew Eubanks and Quinndary Weatherspoon currently filing both roster sports, a two-way seems unlikely at this point.

While it is likely that Ledbetter will ultimately to take the court with the Austin Spurs again this year, the training camp invite is a recognition of the hard work that Ledbetter puts in and is well deserved. It also a recognition of the role that he has built for himself in the larger Spurs organization.

Congrats Jeff!


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