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Earned NBA Showtime Hoodies

Last year we saw the introduction of the Nike "Earned" program where all 16 playoff teams received a fifth "earned" jersey based on their existing Statement of City Edition themed jerseys.

This year, the 16 playoff teams from the previous season have received City-Edition themed Nike NBA Showtime Hoodies.

While the "Earned" program is clearly geared to selling more merchandise, I like the concept. That said, there is sadly a general lack of creativity. This is true of both the Earned jerseys last seasons and the hoodies this season.

While theBoston Celtics received something creative and unique, the majority of the hoodies are rather generic. The Spurs, as you might expect, are rather straightforward. While I walk to talk myself into the Raptors ones, I just cannot get there with the pinstripe. You can see all sixteen versions here. What do you think?


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