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From the Archives: All the way up - Dejuante Murray's 24 point sends jersey auction skyrocketing

Originally posted January 23, 2017

The auctions on the NBA Auctions website for the 2016 Christmas Day jerseys are coming down the home stretch and are proving to be quite popular this year.  At the time of writing, Lebron's jersey sits at over $15,000 (all figures in US dollars) with Kawhi Leonard leading the way for the Spurs at just over $7,000.  For those looking at the Spurs jerseys, hands off the David Lee and/or Jonathan Simmons, one of them is mine... :)

Speaking of the Spurs, check out the bid history on Dejounte Murray's jersey - notice the significant jump after the 24 points against Denver on January 19th and again on January 22nd following the impressive performance on national TV the night before against the Cavs.

Murray certainly looks like the Spurs point guard of the future - Spurs fans can only hope his development continues to rise as quickly as the bids on jersey.


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