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From the archives: Did you know? Pop closing in on coaching record!

Originally posted September 11, 2017

With training camp less than a week away, here's a little reminder to help Spurs fans get excited for the upcoming season: Greg Popovich is on pace to move into fifth on the all time coaching list! Pop is only five wins behind Phil Jackson (smiles) and 25 wins behind George Karl, making fifth on the list a virtual lock.

If the Spurs exceed expectations this season, which would be deserving of another COY award given the ever increasing level of talent in the Western Conference, Pop could also catch Pat Riley (who has 60 more wins) and move into fourth all time on the list.

With Pop not looking to retire anytime soon, Don Nelson's record of 1,335 wins may very well be within reach before all is said and done!

NBA’s Winningest Coaches In Regular Season

Rank  Coach  Wins Losses Win % Years

1.  Don Nelson  1,335 1,063 .557  31

2.  Lenny Wilkens  1,332 1,155 .536  32

3.  Jerry Sloan  1,221  803 .603  26

4.  Pat Riley  1,210  694 .636  24

5.  George Karl  1,175  824 .588  27

6.  Phil Jackson  1,155  485 .704  20

7.  Gregg Popovich 1,150 506 .694  21


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