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Game Diary: Toronto Raptors @ San Antonio Spurs

While trying to figure out how to process my feelings for the game tonight, I thought it might be therapeutic to have every live game diary here on Spurs in the 6. I will be updated this page through the game so check back often for the real time reactions from the Spurs in the 6 household.

All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

First Quarter

  • 8:22: Finally back on line after my computer crashes. My heart is just starting to slow down. Nick Nurse timeout, Spurs up 15-5 start. Great start for the Spurs! Derozan with 6 points and Aldridge with 4 for the Spurs. Leonard has 4 of the 5 points for the Raptors.

  • 8:25: Quick note on the video intro/tribute which I streamed live (via Sportsnet) on the Spurs in the 6 Instagram account. Very interesting that most of the focus, especially the in-the-community-part was focused on Green. Classy move by the Spurs organization.

  • 8:33: 21-11 Spurs coming out of a Spurs timeout. Great game so far! White nails a 17 footer out of the timeout - proud to say I have been on the White bandwagon since day one!

  • 8:35: Great defence by Spurs... leads to a White dunk and a "Derozan three pointer" (two point bucket plus the foul).

  • 8:36: Bertans triple - Spurs up 30-11.

  • 8:37: Derozan and White block Leonard at the basket - that was sweet!

  • 8:37: White playing the pass lanes - this is officially a thing.

  • 8:39: Rudy Gay dunk of a Raptors turnover, 34-11 Spurs! Someone needs to tell the Raptors that this is the type of intensity there will be in the playoffs...

  • 8:43: What a pocket pass from Gay to Jakob Poeltl!

  • 8:44: Raptors starting to stabilize somewhat as the first quarter comes to a close.

  • 8:45: After the first quarter, the Spurs lead 38-19. Great intensity for an early January game.

Second Quarter

  • 8:48: Derozan with 9 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists in the first quarter!

  • 8:51: Some great defensive footwork by Forbes (again) is followed up by Forbes triple on the offensive end.

  • 9:01: After three turnovers in a row, the Raptors close the gap to 52-34. My heart is also starting to slow down again after getting excited about some of the Spurs ball movement. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this quarter goes. Queue the cliche if the Raptors can close the gap to less than at ten at the half here.

  • 9:06: White picks up his second foul :(

  • 9:07: Speaking of fouls, Siakam just picked up his third foul after a beautiful dribbling sequence by Derozan.

  • 9:11: Raptors broadcast crew has been pretty good tonight, as they usually are. That said, I really wish I was listening to Bill and Sean right now.

  • 9:12: Watching how White handles Leonard's defensive pressure has been interesting.

  • 9:14: Spurs clearly conceding the Ibaka 18 foot jumper.

  • 9:15: First half comes to a close, Spurs lead 67-51 and my heart is still going. Good times!

Third Quarter

  • 9:31: Barely had a chance to collect my thoughts during halftime. Two interesting notes, DeRozan with a double-double (19-10-5) while Green and Leonard had the worst +/- numbers on the Raptors (-17  & -13).

  • 9:33: Aldridge with the first two buckets of the quarter for the Spurs, he's up to 15 points.

  • 9:35: Spircy P missing his corner threes tonight... meaning while, a Forbes corner triple results in a Nick Nurse time-out. 76-51 Spurs.

  • 9:39: DeRozan steals the ball from Ibaka, leads to a Bryn Forbes three!

  • 9:41: Siakam showing some life for the Raptors on the defensive end, got to love Spicy P!

  • 9:45: White turns the corner on the screen and finds Aldridge with the beautiful pocket pass.

  • 9:48: 88-62 Spurs, another nick Nurse timeout. My hear has officially calmed down, I think...

  • 9:56: Oddly enough this game has had some of the best passing I have seen with Leonard... wish he would make those types of plays/reads more consistently with the Raptors (not against the Spurs of course).

  • 9:59: Three quarters in the books, Spurs lead 96-75. Derozan with a monster line of 29-19-9!

Fourth Quarter

  • 10:03: I love Poeltl's passing, beautiful give-and-go leads to two free throws for Patty Mills.

  • 10:09: After some ragged play on both sides, which followed some impressive buckets by Bryn Forbes (#SummerofBryn), Pop calls timeout with the Spurs leading 107-85. Still 8;16 to play, hope to see DeRozan return and pick up his 10th assist for the triple double.

  • 10:10: Oh, how I love commercials during Canadian NBA broadcasts. Everyone loves watching the same commercials over and over again...

  • 10:13; Broadcasters talking about the pre-game video and mentioning how Green watched it and smiled while Leonard did not even look up. Also interesting point, and smart move by the Spurs organization, to show a combined video to help negate the negativity directed at Kawhi.

  • 10:16: Aldridge jumper gives DeRozan his 10th assist and his first career triple-double!

  • 10:20: I think we have seen the last of Danny Green for the evening unless Nurse decides to give the crowd a chance to give him a send off. Feel bad for Danny that he didn't have a better game back in San Antonio.

  • 10:21: Chris Boucher checking in for the Raptors. I have covered Boucher for the Raptors 905 and really like his game and attitude on the court. Good to see him on the court, blow out or otherwise.

  • 10:24: Could we see Lonnie Walker's debut tonight?

  • 10:25: Kawhi Leonard is done for the night.

  • 10:26: And, on queue, Loonie Walker checks into the game. Covering Lonnie at Summer League, it is hard not to fall in love with his attitude and approach to the game (not to mention his potential).

  • 10:27: Also on queue, Boucher drains the triple. Time-out Spurs. Spurs lead 119-98.

  • 10:42: Ok, caught my breadth to document the 125-107 Spurs win! Also, Lonnie Walker scored his first NBA basket - a deep triple!!! Cannot wait to see Lonnie develop!

  • 1045: Interesting handshakes and smiles after the game - oh to be a fly on the wall...


  • Spurs win - woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really happy for DeRozan and his first career triple double. He's a good guy and he deserved this game.

  • 10:59: Nick Nurse takes reasonability for the loss in the post game pressure - interesting. Not sure I bye that tho, players shouldn't need any help getting up for a game like this.

  • 11:24: Found some Pop postgame on Twitter and he was in fine form. Reporters getting popped left, right and centre.

  • 11:25: Ok, I think I am calling it a night. Good win Spurs, congratulations DeMar! Raptors, you need to step it up and get into sync as a team if a deep playoff run is in the cards. Goodnight!


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