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From the Archives: Happy Retirement Matt Bonner - A You Tube Video Celebration

Originally posted January 7, 2017

Yesterday, Matt Bonner released his video for what has to be the most classic retirement announcement:

First off, congratulations Matt!  You are one of a kind both on and off the court. While I hope to share some memories from Matt's playing days in a future post, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane in the interm with Matt via You Tube.  Enjoy these 10 videos (plus bonus) that are Matt Bonner at his best

1. The best place to start has to be with the play that originally earned the respect of Toronto Raptors Fans:

2. Bonner also won the hearts of Toronto fans by taking public transit around the City, earning him the nickname the "Red Rocket" (after the nickname for Toronto's street cars).  The following video was shot when Matt was back in town for the All-Star game in February 2016:

3. Here's one bringing the Raptors & Spurs together.  I remember being at this game and leaping out of my seat:

4. Who can forget the "Let Bonner Shoot" campaign (shout out to Luke Bonner for leading the charge)

5. Matt would have won in almost any other year:

6. Matt searching for a shoe deal after New Balance stopped making basketball shoes:

7. Cribs, Matt Bonner style:

8. Coach B (with a Luke Bonner cameo):

9. Spuran Spuran:

10. Let's finish the list with 9 and half minutes of Matt Bonner highlights: 

11. Bonus video, no way we could leave without a reference to the sandwich hunter:


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