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From the archives: How do you say "Kawhi Tho" in Chinese?

Originally posted August 17, 2017

The NBA has announced that the Spurs very own Kawhi Leonard is on his was to China from Aug. 18-24 where he will become the first NBA player to visit an NBA Academy in China.

A quick read of the press release suggests that Kawhi will have a full schedule while in China, including: coaching prospects at the NBA Academy Zhejiang; hosting a basketball clinic for migrant school students in Beijing; a fan meet and great at NBA 5v5 (a 5 on 5 tournament for elite players in China); visiting the Tencent's broadcast studio; participating in the NBA's Career Crossover program; shadowing NBA China CEO David Shoemaker while visiting the NBA Beijing Office; attending various business meetings with NBA Chin executives; and, finally, conducting a chalk talk with NBA staff.  Despite a hectic schedule, I wouldn't be surprise to hear about Kawhi squeezing in some gym time to get his reps in.

“I’m thrilled to travel to China to help grow the game of basketball... I am also excited to see the fans’ passion and excitement for basketball, and to experience the Chinese culture.” - Kawhi Leonard on his upcoming visit to China.

Perhaps the most exciting piece of news that has emerged from Kawhi's upcoming China trip is the Jordan Brand promotion that has been set up for his visit (shout to to twitter user @35_a6 for the updates) - I am looking forward to seeing the photos from this appearance!


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