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From the Archives: Not Your Typical Spurs Fan: D-League March Break Edition

Originally posted March 20, 2017

A midday tipoff for a a D-League game in Toronto is not necessarily where you would expect to find Spurs fans right? Wrong.

As covered here on Spurs in the 6, the Raptors 905 defeated the Austin Spurs a week ago during a March break tip-off at the ACC. One of the highlights of the day was meeting Chicho, a fellow Spurs fan from Toronto, and his sons. We had a nice chat and traded Spurs stories, a couple of which are shared here in the Spurs in the 6 debut of Not Your Typical Spurs Fan.

How did you become a Spurs fan? This is a must first question for every Spurs fan living outside of San Antonio. Much like myself, Chico became a Spurs fan when David Robinson joined the team. While Robinson was a draw, Chico was also a big fan of Sean Elliot while Sean was at Arizona. “I followed him (Sean Elliot) to San Antonio. He joined David Robinson there and that’s pretty much it, the rest is history” Chico said.

Family affair The Spurs are also a family affairs for Chico and his boys, "we are definitely a Spurs family, we are part of the family here” Chico told me, “the family love to sport there gear and represent the Silver and Black”.

Meeting coach Popovich While we were trading stories, Chico showed me a photo with Coach Popovich on his phone and told me more about how they met:  “Greg Popovich was kind enough to take a picture with me. We ran into them [the Spurs] when they were on the road in Sacramento. I found out the hotel he was staying at and popped in there. He [Popovich] was really gracious, we shared a brief [moment] but it was an impactful moment, it was probably three minutes but if felt like a lifetime with that guy.” We should all be so lucky to have a couple of minutes to chat with Coach Pop.

Thanks Chico it was great to meet you and, of course, Go Spurs Go!


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