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From the archives: Our San Antonio Adventure: Day 1

Originally posted March 17, 2018

[Note: After some technical difficulties, my Wordpress theme is up and running so I am starting to catch up on the journal entries and other posts from our time in San Antonio...]

I am so proud of my boys! The travel gods threw us some curve balls today but the little troopers made it through with flying colours.

The day started off well with breakfast and the surprise of headphones and new Tim Duncan jerseys. After the finishing touches on packing our bags we were off to the airport.

The positive flow continued with no traffic, snagging one of the last parking spots and breezing through check-in, security and customs. We found a quiet corner in the lounge and the boys found some other kids to play with. After wrapping up new Minecraft creations and a final snack we were off to our gate...

To wait for three hours as Air Canada (or “Air Poopy Pants” to quote the kids) dealt with a world wide system shut down. Seriously, what type of major company does not have a back up system. We finally boarded our plane only to be delayed further while waiting for the luggage to be loaded and then taxied around the entire airport for de-icing. That said, things could have been way worse as we were checked-in before the system went down and our plane was already at the gate. Moreover, the boys were awesome, aside from a couple anxious moments, and handled the situation very well.

The flight was uneventful and efficient once we were finally in the air. The highlight for me would have to be watching the simple joy on the boys faces of being served juice and nuts after entering “cloud land”. The view of downtown San Antonio prior to the landing was also a nice treat.

After collecting our bags and locating our rental car we were off for our final stop at the Lego Store (rewards all around for being good travellers) and Target for some groceries for breakfast and other essentials.

We checked into our fantastic Airbnb in the Beacon Hill neighbourhood and after my younger son claimed the office as his own we all headed to bed and were asleep in a matter of minutes… while visions of the Spurs game tomorrow danced our in heads.


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