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From the archives: Sneak Peak at New Nike Practice Jerseys?

Originally posted September 7, 2017

Recently, Dejounte Murray posted a photo of himself alongside Manu Ginobili in what looks to be the Spurs weight room.  Understandably, this photo generated some buzz amongst Spurs fans given the return of Manu and the possibility of Murray starting at the point this year.

If you look a little closer, the photo also reveals another detail on Nike taking over as the official on court uniform provider for the NBA.  More specifically, Ginobili and Murray appear to be wearing new Nike Spurs practice jerseys!

My first impression is a big thumbs up.  Overall the jerseys have a very clean look.  The "San Antonio", rather than Spurs, lettering harkens back to the days of the Iceman while the curved "basketball" lettering underneath looks to form a hoop when viewed along with the larger "San Antonio" lettering.  Also noticeable is the absence of white as a primary colour (Canadian spelling eh) is noticeable, with the focus on the black and silver. The iconic swoosh and NBA logo completed the look.

Well done Nike! This has me even more excited for the other two core jerseys to be released this fall!


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