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From the archives:The creation of #FlannelX

Originally posted September 16, 2017

It all started back in the December 2016 when the San Antonio Spurs retired the jersey for the greatest powerful forward ever in a moving ceremony.  A couple weeks later, some of the Spurs players (I'm looking at you Manu Ginobili and Patty Mills) took it upon themselves to honour another beloved Spurs power forward (the on one and only Matt Bonner, aka Coach B, aka the Sandwich Hunter, aka the White Mamba) by retiring his "plaid jersey" in a cozy and private pre-game ceremony.

Just over a week later, the Spurs were on their way to Toronto for their only game of the season north of border.  Mrs. Spurs in the 6, a maker and all around awesome creator, took it upon herself to honour our favourite red head and dual Canadian citizen by creating a plaid jersey for the Spurs in the 6 family to wear to the game.  The end product was nothing short of amazing!

During the game, Mrs. Spurs in the 6 was able to connect with the Spurs media staff - who we had previously meet during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto and who made this awesome video for which we are forever grateful - with a simple request.  Could you please deliver the homemade plaid jersey to Matt along with a thank-you from the Gibbins family.

Fast forward to today, when the Spurs in the 6 household woke up to news of Nike and the NBA announcing the third of the four core uniforms to be used in the upcoming season, the Statement Addition.  As covered here on the Spurs in the 6, this announcement had NBA social media abuzz.

As I caught up on the news by scrolling through my twitter feed, a huge smile crossed my face. My eyes were glued to a post with the hashtag #FlannelX.  There it was, right on Matt Bonner's twitter!  The plaid jersey created by Mrs. Spurs in the 6 in Toronto, Canada had made it's way to San Antonio, Texas and into Matt's hands!

Needless to say, this has made Mrs. Spurs in the 6 day - it is special when something like this comes full circle!

The end.


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