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From the Archives: The Spurs Should Adopt the Iceland Viking Clap

Originally posted February 28, 2017

Imagine this...


t's the 2017 playoffs, Kawhi has just nailed a mid-range jumper for the win in the first game of the Western Conference finals and the crowd in the AT&T Center is going bonkers. Rather than running off the court, Manu leads the team to centre (Canadian spelling eh) court and all the Spurs players and coaches raise their arms in the air. Manu waves his arm to silence the crowd, claps his hands together over his head and then shouts "huh" as the other players, coaches and fans follow his lead.

In other words, the Spurs should adopt the Iceland National Football team's viking chant...

The Iceland football team brought the viking change into the mainstream during Euro 2016 last summer.  The origin of the clap is reported to trace back to the Scottish Premiere League although other sources point to a Polish handball team (a nice background piece can be found here).

Regardless, this is something I would love to see the Spurs adopt for the 2017 playoffs - maybe Spurs fans can start a petition?

Now, imagine this after a victory parade along the river walk...


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