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From the archives: Top Tweets: NBA Summer League July 6, 2018

Originally posted July 8, 2018

Vegas baby!

Or should that be Summer League baby?

I’m very excited to partner with Project Spurs to cover the San Antonio Spurs at NBA Summer League again!

In addition to the Project Spurs and Spurs in the 6 websites, you can follow along on the Spurs in the 6 Twitter and Instagram accounts. In addition to dedicated coverage of each Spurs game, my goal is to provide you with as much all access coverage as possible of the basketball nerd goodness that is NBA Summer League.

Today was a travel day, thanks to West Jet getting me here safely and on time (boo Air Canada). Exiting from the airport I was quickly reminded of how “pleasant” the temperature is in Vegas. And with that, everything started to feel familiar. Here are the top tweets from the rest of the day, enjoy!


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