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From the Archives: Top Tweets: NBA Summer League July 8th

Originally posted July 9, 2017

The first day for Spurs in the 6 at the NBA Summer League is now in the books.  It has been a long one (I have almost been up for almost 21 hours now) but a good one.  From a safe, smooth flight from Toronto to Vegas (thanks West Jet) to braving the heat wave and learning the ropes around the media centre, it has been a good day!

While it would have been nice if the #SummerSpurs could have pulled out the win, there is alway tomorrow – literally (Spurs v. Sixers tips at 7:30pm PST).

The recap for today’s game against the Heat is up will be going up on Project Spurs soon (update: it’s up now, here is the link).  Again, a big thank-you and shout out to Michael De Long and the Project Spurs team for allowing me to partner with them.

It was a fun social media day so I am going to close with the first Summer League edition of Spurs in the 6 Top Tweets.  Goodnight!

I was literally standing right beside these guys after this photo was taken…

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