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From the archives: Top Tweets: New York Edition

Originally posted August 8, 2018

One thing I love about being a basketball fan generally, and a Spurs fan specifically, is you can turn almost any trip into a basketball adventure. Whether it is taking in some of the local basketball culture, finding a hoop in a playground, visiting a local sneaker store or simply rocking your Spurs gear, the possibilities are almost endless.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to go to one of the world's basketball mecca's, New York City (I am excluding the Knicks when I say that).

In the limited time I had, I tried to squeeze as much basketball goodness as I could out of the trip. From connecting with @jclu8088 of Spurs Fan Club NYC, who I had previously meet in San Antonio, to shooting some hoops a Rucker Park, to getting my Nike fix at the Nike Lab Store on Mercer Street and the Nike Soho Store, to visiting the NBA Store (of course!), to repping the Spurs in the 6 jersey while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, to copping the Nike Air Max 97 Plus kicks I had been after, to checking out the Barclays Center, the basketball adventures couldn't have been better!

Part of the fun is sharing the adventures on social media and I have captured them here all in one place with Top Tweets New York Edition!


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