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Welcome to Toronto...

While the San Antonio Spurs vs. Toronto Raptors game in Toronto was eagerly anticipated by most basketball fans in the City of for the obvious reasons, our family had a mother reason to be excited. The San Antonio Spurs reached out to us, as part of their social media Rodeo Road trip series, to shoot a video welcoming Spurs fans to Toronto. The kids had a blast with it and it was a fun way of sharing some our favourites spots in the city with fellow Spurs fans.

First up was El Almacan on Queen Street West for empanadas, alfajor and Yerba matte. For lunch, we stopped at Woodier Sandwich Co. in south Etobicoke for some delicious sandwich (and donuts!). For afternoon snack we stopped at Cherry Bomb Coffee, our favourite coffee shop in Roncesvalles. Finally, we headed to the east of Toronto to shot some hoops in Underpass Park.

Following videos from the 2016 All-Star Weekend in Toronto (Representing Up North) and last year in San Antonio (From Toronto to San Antonio), this was the third time we have had the opportunity to team up with the amazing Spurs social media crew. Thanks for the opportunity and GO SPURS GO!


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