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Do you know the 1995-96 Toronto Raptors?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many of the Toronto Raptors in this team photo from the inaugural 1995-96 season can you name?

The 1995-96 Toronto Raptors

For those of you who follow Spurs in the 6 on Twitter, you will know I was a Toronto Raptors season ticket holder during their first season. While the players may have looked like ants from the last row in the 500 level at the SkyDome, it was a dream for a young basketball fan in Canada.

With the Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA Championship, I have been going through a treasure trove of old documents that I have held onto for the past 24 years. What a trip down memory lane!

I thought it would fund to to share some of the material here on Spurs in the 6 over the course the summer and what better way to start than from the inaugural team photo. From Mighty Mouse looking rather unimpressed, to Oliver Miller in "game shape" to former San Antonio Spur Willie Anderson, it is certainly an odd collection of characters.

Conspicuously absent is key rotational players Doug Christie (acquired from Knicks for Anderson) and the first player selected in the expansion draft, BJ Armstrong, who was traded to Golden State for Carlos Roger before the season started.

For the the record, I could name 13 of the 15 players in the team photo without a single Google search (apologies to Vincenzo Esposito and Martin Lewis).


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