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From the archives: Nike Air Force 1 Low San Antonio Spurs Release

Originally posted September 27, 2018

Back in January, Nike released a special version of the Air Force 1 low that was inspired by Nike’s City edition jerseys. The San Antonio Spurs were one of ten teams to receive a release and I was pumped. In particular, the 3M digital-camo looked fantastic! I was even happier when the shoes arrived.

Fast forward to today and it looks like we have another Spurs AF1 drop on the way. This time it is an NBA branded black on white version with a minimal look.

While any nod to the Spurs by Nike is always appreciated, these will likely be a pass for me. While the holographic AF1/NBA logo on the heel is sort of cool, these kicks are a little too plain for my taste and, as first pointed out by Michael Deleon, there is something about the black outline that doesn’t quite work. For me, it make the swoosh on the side look sort of cartoony.


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