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Welcome to Spurs in the 6

Originally posted on April 17, 2016

Hello and welcome to Spurs in the 6, not your typical basketball blog!

My name is Gareth, I grew up and live in Toronto.  I have been a Spurs fan, and have loved basketball, since Primary School.  I am happily married with two awesome kids, together we now form a family full of Spurs fans, who have travelled to San Anontio together a number of times.

I have also been a Raptors fan since day one.  During my last year of high school, my best friend and I had season tickets in the last row of the 500 level at the Skydome, hard to beat for $5 a game!

More recently, I had the opportunity to attend a number of All-Star events and activities in Toronto this past February.  All the different things I love about basketball coming together in one place inspired me (spured me on you could say) to find a new way to interact with others around the team, sport and city that I love.  Hence, the name for this blog, Spurs in the 6.

My intention is not to focus recaps, player updates or analytical analysis.  There are already great Spurs fan sites (shout out to Pounding The Rock) and other basketball bloggers who do this better than I ever could. Rather, my goal is to blend together:

the San Antonio Spurs, the second biggest constant in my life next to my family;travelling (to San Antonio) not only cheer on my favourite basketball team but to explore the City;kicks, jersey's and apparel:connecting with Spurs "Family"; andToronto Hoops, from grass roots to the Raptors.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I hope you continue to check out Spurs in the 6. I will do my best to provide you with a unique basketball view and experience.

Cheers, Gareth


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