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Wu Tang Clan Visits San Antonio

It started with a tweet from Matt Bonner:

And with that, two parts of my high school basketball world, (circa 1991-1996) collided. The Spurs were my favourite NBA team and Wu Tang Clan were the music of choice for my high school senior basketball team.

Living in Toronto, I could not attend the concert, but it sounded like a great time - you can find a write up on the concert here. The concert was also Reb Rocket approved:

Method Man wearing Spurs shirt?!? I had to find out more:

and Matt delivered:

Method Man with a hybrid Wu Tang Clan / San Antonio Spurs logo and a "San Antonio" / 36 Chambers reference on the back - epic! I almost feel like I am back in high school!

Method Man in San Antonio - 36 Chambers (photo credit: Matt Bonner)


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