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From the Archives: A Night at the D-League Showcase

Originally posted January 20, 2017

On Wednesday night I headed out to Hersey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario to watch the Austin Spurs first game in the D-League showcase.

Arriving at the Hersey Centre for the @nbadleagueShowcase — spursinthe6 (@spursinthe6) January 19, 2017

What is the D-League Showcase you ask? @stackmackon twitter (a highly recommended follow) provided a good overviewon the Raptors905 website.

I am not overly familiar with the Austin roster this year (especially with Murray and Forbes in San Antonio) other than Patricio Garino so I very much appreciated the insight from @mdeleonon twitter (another highly recommended follow) on who to keep an eye on.  To that end, Cory Jefferson had himself a nice game, including a three and some nice defensive plays on his way to 19 points and 12 boards.

Garino had a quiet first half (I would like to see him be more aggressive) but was more active in this second (thumbs up), including this nice reverse slam:

Garino was also very considerate of the Argentine fans (they're everywhere!) after the game:

Garino with fans after the game — spursinthe6 (@spursinthe6) January 19, 2017

Some other interesting/random observations:

  • The scouts had tables attached to the stands for their laptops/notes.The MacBook Pro seems to be the laptop of choice if you work as a pro scout.

  • There are ads on the D-League jerseys below the numbers and above the waist. Ads on NBA series may become inevitable but they really need to find a better location if they do.

  • On that note, the Austin Spurs appear to be sponsored by the Central Texas Pain Center.T

  • The shorts for D-League teams have the D-League team logo on the right and the NBA team logo on the left. This is a nice touch and looks good!

  • Finally, only in Canada could you go to a basketball game and smell the hockey rink next door...

And that's a wrap @austin_spursstart off the #DLeagueShowcasewith a 19 point win — spursinthe6 (@spursinthe6) January 19, 2017


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