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From the Archives: Austin/905 will have presence in the NBA D-League All-Star Game

Originally posted February 13, 2017

With the Spurs and the Raptors slumping to varying degrees (update: hard fought win on Monday evening for the Spurs!), I was in search of positive news on Sunday evening and stumbled upon the all-star game rosters for the NBA D-League All-Star game this coming Saturday (not sure how I missed the rosters when they were first announced).  I was happy to see that both the Austin Spurs and Raptors 905 will be represented.

I did catch the Jerry Stackhouse coaching announcement in real time.  Stack will be in New Orleans along with the rest of the 905 coaching staff.

After having the chance to watch Jefferson in person at D-League Showcase (posts hereand here), I have become a fan and I am happy to see him get the recognition and opportunity. I was hoping he might get a chance with the Spurs while Gasol was out but it looks like that will not happen with the Joel Anthony signing.  In any event, here is a Jefferson highlight video for your viewing pleasure.

The 905 will also be represented by 5'10" John Jordan in the slam Duncan context. Can he repeat? After attending the D-League Showcase, I'm trying to watch more 905 ball (taking the kids in March!) and looking forward to getting to know the team, including Tavares and Jordan, better.

After watching the slam dunk context clip form years past, I am thinking I may tune in to watch the contest this year as well.

Of course, there is also the 3-point contest.  I may have to start a petition for Scoot Wood (dude can shoot) to grow a flat top so can impersonate Chris Mullin.

The 2017 NBA D-League All-Star tips off at 2:30pm eastern and you can catch it live on NBA TV. The final rounds of the both the three point contest and the slam dunk contest are suppose to take place during halftime.  I will be watching, will you?


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