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From the archives: G League Finals: Austin Spurs vs. Raptors 905

Originally posted April 7, 2018

I have always dreamed of a Spurs vs. Raptors finals… I cannot believe this is happening… its the Austin Spurs vs. the Raptors 905 in the G League Finals! Ok, this is not exactly the way the dream went but I will take it!

I’m pumped, these finals could be epic. Will Derrick White continue to go off? Will Lorenzo Brown continue to show why he is an MVP candidate? Will Austin’s offence overpower the the 905 or will the 905’s deference carry the day?

Follow Spurs in the 6 online and on Twitter for coverage of all the Spurs and Raptors goodness. For Austin Spurs coverage, check out my friends down in Texas on Spurs on Sixth (yes we know the names are confusing). For 905 dedicated coverage, I highly recommend the Raptors 905 OG, Blake Murphy, who writes on Raptors Republic.

FINALS (BEST OF 3) Sunday, April 8 Finals Game 1: 7 PM ET, ESPNU: Raptors 905 @ Austin Spurs Tuesday, April 10 Finals Game 2: 8 PM ET, ESPNU: Austin Spurs @ Raptors 905 Friday, April 13 Finals Game 3, if necessary: 7:30 PM ET, ESPN2: Raptors 905 @ Austin Spurs


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