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From the archives: Game Day: Magic @ 905 (11/18/17)

Originally posted on November 17,2017

Fresh off another close win on Tuesday, the Raptors 905 will play the second game of their five game home stand on Saturday against the Lakeland Magic. Spurs in the 6 will be in the house and here are three things I will be watching for:

  1. Power Rankings: The excellent folks over at 2 Ways & 10 Days have posted their inaugural power rankings, with the Raptors 905 sitting at number 14.  Will the 905 be able to takedown the fifth ranked Lakeland Magic and move up the rankings?  If you are an NBA G League fan and don't read 2 Ways & 10 Days, I highly recommend checking them out.

  2. Building Moment: Will 5 straight games at the Hersey Centre give the 905 a chance to build some chemistry and pad their win total (I'm giving myself bonus points for the NBA Jame reference)?

  3. Heading Up?: Lorenzo Brown is the 905 leading score at 19.8 points per game.  However, he is only shooting 42% from the field and 31.8% from three (on a team leading 4.4 attempts per game). Will his shooting percentage (and scoring average) start ticking up closer to his numbers at Grand Rapids from the last three seasons?

Tip-off is at 2pm – you can catch the game live at the Hersey Centre or on Facebook Live.


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