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From the archives: Game Recap: Delaware 87ers (98) - Raptors 905 (92)

Originally posted November 25, 2020

On a day when the Raptors 905 seemed to be missing half their roster, the 905 finally found some chemistry in the 4 quarter but could not overcome a poor 2nd quarter and a 26 point half time deficit.  The 905 loss handed the Delaware 87ers their first win of the season.

After playing a solid (but foul plagued) first quarter, the 905 fell off the rails in the second quarter allowing the 87ers to shoot 57.9% from the filed and 64.3% (9 of 14) from three. In particular, the inability of the 905 to guard the three point line was disheartening. Combined with an 8 point disparity at the free throw line (12-15 to 4-4), it was easy to see why the 905 were outscored 38 to 13. The 905 played slightly better in the third quarter to cut five points of the 76ers lead.

Sparked by the play of Shevon Thompson and Andrew Washington, the 905 were able to carry some momentum in the fourth.  Ultimately, the spirited comeback came up short and the 905 picked up another L.

Davion Berry lead the way with 24 points (although he was just 1-6 from three) and Thompson had an impressive 20 points and 12 board in under 21 minutes. He was also a team leading +11 and went 6-7 from the line.  Washington easily had his best game with the 905, putting up 7 points and 4 board in 7 minutes and providing some much needed size under the basket.

Following the Spurs in the 6 "3on3" format for NBA G-League game recaps this season, here's my take on what happened both "on the court" and "off the court".

On the court

  1. Where is everybody?: With no Lorzeno Brown or Alfonzo McKinnie (presumably in Atlanta with the Toronto Raptors), the 905 were already short on talent.  The absence of Kenndy Meeks and Kaza Kajamo-Keane (FIBA Qualifying) and Roger Moute a Bidias and Negus Webster-Chan (knee injuries) meant there was lots of playing time for some unfamiliar faces.

  2. Lack of communication: And is showed.  The 905 gave up open three after open three in the first half, a big reason the 87ers lit it up for 64% shooting from deep in the first half.  Some basic action or a simple pick-and-roll was all the 87ers needed to create an open shoot. After the game, Coach Stackhouse talked about how the 905 focuses on closing out on threes every practice and was clearly frustrate with the 905's performance in this regard.

  3. Silence is NOT golden: The lack of communication on D was due, in large part, to the fact that no one was talking out there.  Part of the turning point that sparked the run was Washington's leadership on the defensive end at the of third and to start the fourth.  Washington was talking on D, shouting out rolls, coverage and the like. Something that was sorely missing for the 905 today.

Off the court

  1. All dressed up: As is usually the case, there were a couple of youth basketball teams at the Hersey Centre.  One of the teams was wearing their baby blue warmup jackets which made for a great look in the stands.  I love when youth teams do this. Great team building for the kids and great fan support for the 905!

  2. 42: It is not secret that Jerry Stackhouse is a sharp dresser on the sideline.  Today, he was rocking a set of number 42 cufflinks.  Alas, I was not able to take a photo so so you will have to trust me when I say they were sweet (and very much Stack)!

  3. Professional grade: While the Raptors 905 are a G-League team, there in-game entertainment is professional grade.  At the NBA level, I usually grit my teeth while the PA system plays way to loud music at every available opportunity and endless t-shirts are shot into the crowd.  I have different view of things at the Hersey Centre.  The much smaller crowd and number of kids in attendance creates an atmosphere with some gaps to fill and the Raptors 905 game day crew do this well.  Today included multiple shirt giveaways (but not over the top like at the ACC), a kids dance pack, the "flex" cam, the Sagua City Dancers and a "dance off" between Stripes and one of the dance pack kids.  Well done!

It's the same story, whether it's the first quarter or the second quarter, just coming out ready to play.

Coach Stackhouse on the lack of focus by the Raptors 905 right now


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