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From the archives: Post Game with Austin Spurs fan favourite Jeff Ledbetter

Originally posted January 10, 2018

Much to my delight, I had the chance speak to Austin Spurs fan favourite Jeff Ledbetter (or is it just me andJohn Diaz fromSpurs on Sixthwho are the #WinterofJeff bandwagon) following theAustin Spurs 119-108 victoryo ver the Windy City Bulls at the NBA G League Showcase. Ledbetter had a good game with 14 points (4-8 from three), 3 assists and a plus 9 rating, not to mention significantly more playing time compared to the last time he was at the Hersey Centre.

On getting the really story about his injection form the Spurs game against the Raptors 905 on New Years eve

I was just told that I was involved in the scuffle or what ever you want to call it. It was nothing much and that was my second T that’s all we were told, there was no review or nothin. There’s not much you can do, you gotta go.

On his three point shooting and role on the team

It’s being a shooter, being aggressive. That’s why I have struggled in the last few weeks as I stopped being so aggressive like I was early in the year. I looked more to pass up shots and looked more to get other people involved and they just sat me down and told me hey, if you’re open shot it. So that’s kind of my mentality now is just being that floor spacer and when I get the time knock it down. Coaches and players have the ultimate confidence, they keep telling me you miss 10, 15, 20 in the row you shoot the next one. That’s good to have with our guys, we have a great group. So it’s just space the floor and when you get the ball and you’re open, just knock it down.

On Darrun Hilliard’s pass to set up Ledbetter’s buzzer beater three to end the third quarter

I had just missed the two the possession before his pass so that shows what our team is about. For him to have a good shot, our motto is good-to great, he had a good shot that’s a transition pull-up a little contest, but I was wide open - great shot. For him to have the trust in me after missing two on the previous possession for him to give me that one again that just shows how are team works together. I was ready, I was just going to run the lane and if he shot it cool, I wouldn’t have been mad and if he passed it I was going to ready so I knocked it down and it worked out.

On playing good-to-great basketball and setting up Amida Brimah for a big slam late in the game

We work on drills like that, 3-0, 4-0, where we have to swing/swing hit both sides of the floor multiple times. That’s big time. I think I was the one who drove middle, I could have shot it good, pull-up, but his man closed so that dump down so he is going to finish that one every time. Even if he doesn’t, if you make the right play consistently it is going to work out the right way. That is what our coaches, management, everyone preaches and we bought it. When we are on it like that it is tough to guard, it’s real hard.


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