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Raptors 905 fall short in first game of 2019

There was a ground hog day feeling for the Raptors 905 first game of 2019. The 905 dug themselves a big whole in the first half only to mount a comeback in the second half. Today the comeback fell just short with a potentially game trying three by Malachi Richardson rolled around and out at the buzzer.

As usually, the bright spot for the 905 was Jordan Loyd who returned from injury to play 40 minutes and produce a monster stat line of 34 points (17-18 from the line), 10 assists and 7 rebounds. After an unimpressive 5 points in the first half, Richardson also exploded scoring 24 of his 29 points in the second half.

Hopefully, the 905 can carry the late game moment with them on the road as they head out to take on the Long Island Nets tomorrow.

Following the Spurs in the 6 "3on3" format for NBA G-League game recaps this season, here's my take on what happened both "on the court" and "off the court".

On the Court

  1. Hometown kid: Newly acquired MiKyle McIntosh was saddled with foul trouble for most of the game. He finished with 8 points, 6 rebounds and a team leading +7 in 17:46 minutes on the court. It will be interesting to see how the local Pickering native will be brought into the fold for the 905.

  2. Everybody everybody: Shoots the three now. After watching lanky Knicks big men George Goloman hit his second three of the game in the third quarter I was at a loss for words. My old school faith was restored later when Goloman threw up an airball later in the fourth quarter.

  3. A helping hand: I know it's hard to expect to0 much when it comes to x & o's in the G League. That said, it would be really nice to see Loyd and Richardson develop some cohesion as it would really help to open up the court for both of them.

Off the Court

  1. A snails pace: With a total of 53 fouls, 19 in the second quarter along, the game felt like it was moving. snails pace at times.

  2. Charged to the bench: As the 905 were making a push late in the third quarter a technical foul was charged to the Knicks bench, rather than a specific player or coach. I found this amusing for some reason.

  3. How do I get you attention: Late in the third quarter, one of the 905 scorekeeper was desperately trying to get one of the referees attention, yelling "Josh, Josh". The crowd was so loud she eventually had to use the buzzer to get him to look over to the scorers table.

I thought he really showed his physicality today a few times rolling to the hoop. Zimmerman is a big guy and he was able to hit Zimmerman and show some force and finish at the hoop, that is what we need. We brought him in for that sort of grit, strength, rebounded component and he showed it today. We have to keep on the floor for longer so can do it for more without the foul trouble. Definitely impressed with what he is bringing to the team and what he will be able to do as we evolve as a group.

Coach Jama Mahlalea on newly acquired Pickering native MiKyle McIntosh


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