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Raptors 905 overcome large first half deficit (again) for the win

After having their three game win streak snapped on Wednesday agains the Westchester Knicks, the Raptors 905 returned home looking to start another one.

In what has become a repeating theme, it was another slow first quarter for the 905 who were outscored 28-17 by the Bulls. Shooting 29.2% from the field, 23.1% from three and 0% from the line is not going to get things done. On top of that, Boucher picked up two early fouls. Malachi Richard "led" the 905 with 5 points (on 2-7 shooting). CJ Fair played the entire quarter for the Bulls and dropped 16 points on seven shots.

The 905 closed the gap to 40-29 midway through the second quarter with two triples from Josh Adams and a Chris Boucher dunk off of a Jordan Loyd steal.  Behind some strong play by Adams, who sparked the 905 with 10 points in the quarter, the 905 finished the first half down ten, 56-46. Despite the double digit deficit, SPOILER ALRERT, you had the feeling that if the 905 could starting locking down on the defence, the game was theirs for the taking.

The 905 turned the corner in the third quarter, outscoring the Bulls 30-22 behind 14 points from Boucher and 9 points from Loyd. Heading into the fourth the 905 were only down two, trailing the Bulls 78-76.

The fourth quarter was an exciting one with the score swinging back and forth and neither team opening up a lead of more than four points. Behind 7 points from Boucher, Loyd and Adams, the 905 prevailed 108-102.

While the game ball probably goes to Loyd with his first G-League triple double (24 points, 17 rebounds and 11 assists), Adams (21 points, 9-15 2pt, 3-5 3pt), the aforementioned spark, was equally impressive and Boucher was his usually impressive self with 25 points, 13 board and 5 blocked shots.

Following the Spurs in the 6 "3on3" format for NBA G-League game recaps this season, here's my take on what happened both "on the court" and "off the court" (plus bonus video of the end of the game).

On the Court

  1. Power of the three: While it is no surprise with the way the game is played today, the power of three point shot is still something to behold, especially live. The 905 were struggling through the first 16 minutes of the game before back-to-back triples by Adams put a quick six points on the board, sending the Bulls into a timeout. From that point in time, things (slowly) started to go the 905's way.

  2. Like a rock: MiKyle McIntosh is like a pick up truck out on the court, banging and driving his way to the basket. He may not be an NBA level talent, but I certainly appreciate his game..

  3. Welcome back: Malcom Miller looked fairly comfortable on the court in his second game back following shoulder surgery. Miller, who finished 1-3 in 18 minus, was particularly active on the defensive end of the floor.

Off the Court

  1. Subtraction through addition: Fair finished the first quarter with 16 points for the Bulls. Yet, after two quarters he only had had 15 points. A closer examination of the boxscore revealed that this funny quirk was due to the subtraction of an extra free throw that was credited to Fair in the first quarter.

  2. French fries: The french fries at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre taste way better than they should. It seems like someone on press row goes for a box each game.

  3. Afternoon delight: With much better road conditions than last Saturday, there were a lot more fans in the stands to enjoy the game.

Adams was pretty good today, pretty special. His ability to punch the gaps and get to the paint is really high level. His athleticism, I think people don't even realize how freaky athletic he is, and he is strong and he is gritty. I think that combination with Jordan, and you saw what Jordan did in a game light today, those two players are pretty special in terms of what they can provide. Both can shoot, both can drive and that one two punch is something that could be effective for us.

Coach Jama Mahlalea on the potential of a Jordan Loyd and Josh Adams backcourt


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