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From the archives:The G League Showcase tips-off in Mississauga on Wednesday

Originally posted January 9, 2018

The NBA G League Showcase, marketed as the G League's premier in-season scouting event, starts tomorrow in Mississauga and runs from January 10-13. With NBA teams having the ability to sign players to 10-day contracts as of January 5th, the Showcase is designed to bring all G League players together in one spot where executives from all 30 NBA teams are expected to be in attendance. For some players the more important attendees may be the international scouts - with a strong performance potentially leading to a lucrative contract overseas.

I had the pleasure of covering the D-League Showcase last year and I am happy report that Spurs in the 6 will be on location for most of the Showcase again this year.  With 26 G League teams in attendance an extra court will be needed and the games will be played at both the Hersey Centre and the Mississauga Sports Zone. As you would expect, my attention will be focused on the Austin Spurs (I am excited to watch Jason Blossomgame play in person again) and the Raptors 905 (will their winning streak come to an end, especially if Alfonzo McKinnie and Bruno Caboclo do not play).

In addition to the action on the court, off the court events include Showcasing Success which is part of the Toronto Raptors Women's Leadership Forum Speaker Series.  Attendees can hear from prominent female leaders in the sports industry and discuss the evolving role of women in sport. The scheduled speakers include Raptors 905 assistant coach Nicki Gross. The registration fee is $50 and includes drink, appetizers and a ticket to the game (presumably on Friday evening).

On Saturday the Canada Basketball Coach/Referee School returns for an all day session with Raptors 905 coach Jerry Stackhouse expected to be attendance for part of the day. The cost for both coaches and referees is $50.

Tickets packages are available and single game tickets start at $15 with court-side tickets as low as $25. If you are hoops head, I highly recommend dropping by the Hersey Centre to check out some of the action. Regardless, check in with Spurs in the 6 for Showcase updates.

Wednesday January 10, 2018

Santa Cruz vs. Grand Rapids – 12:00p – Hershey Centre (NBA TV) Northern Arizona vs. Erie – 1:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Austin vs. Windy City – 2:30p – Hershey Centre (NBA TV) Agua Caliente vs. Greensboro – 4:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Texas vs. Wisconsin – 6:00p – Hershey Centre (Twitch) Rio Grande Valley vs. Westchester – 7:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Iowa vs. Canton – 8:30p – Hershey Centre (Twitch)

Thursday January 11, 2018

Raptors vs. Santa Cruz – 12:00p – Hershey Centre (ESPNU) Maine vs. Reno – 1:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Fort Wayne vs. Oklahoma City – 2:30p – Hershey Centre (ESPNU) Long Island vs. South Bay – 4:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Delaware vs. Salt Lake City – 6:00p – Hershey Centre (Twitch) Windy City vs. Sioux Falls – 7:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Lakeland vs. Memphis – 8:30p – Hershey Centre – NBA TV

Friday January 12, 2018

Canton vs. Northern Arizona – 12:00p – Hershey Centre (ESPNU) Wisconsin vs. Austin – 1:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Greensboro vs. Texas – 2:30p – Hershey Centre (ESPNU) Oklahoma City vs. Long Island – 4:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Westchester vs. Agua Caliente – 6:00p – Hershey Centre (ESPNU) Grand Rapids vs. Iowa – 7:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Erie vs. Rio Grande Valley – 8:30p – Hershey Centre (ESPNU)

Saturday January 18, 2018

Sioux Falls vs. Raptors – 12:00p – Hershey Centre (NBA TV) Salt Lake City vs. Fort Wayne – 1:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) South Bay vs. Lakeland – 2:30p – Hershey Centre (NBA TV) Memphis vs. Maine – 4:00p – Mississauga SportZone (Eleven Sports) Reno vs. Delaware – 5:00p – Hershey Centre (NBA TV)


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