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From the archives: Top Tweets: Austin Spurs Championship Edition

Originally posted April 11, 2018

It has been a little under 24 hours since the Austin Spurs defeated the Raptors 905 to win the NBA G League Championship and I am still buzzing from the game. I am also grateful for the universe aligning for me to be at the Hersey Centre in Mississauga to cover the game and witnesses all the little moments that went on and off the court.

For a recap of the game you can check out my first post that went up around 1am EST last night. The interviews with Coach Ahearn and a number of players after the game where fantastic. I am incorporating these into a piece that will be up on Spurs in the 6 this weekend, make sure to check it out.

For more Austin Spurs goodness, don't forget to check out Spurs on Sixth which will have more Finals coverage, including guest appearances from yours truly, over the coming days and weeks.

In the interim, I wanted to share part of my NBA G League Finals experience with you - here is the Top Tweets: Austin Spurs Championship Edition.


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