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From the Archives: Top Tweets: Austin Spurs & Raptors 905 Edition

Original posted March 14, 2017

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of covering the Raptors 905 v. Austin Spurs mid-day tip at the Air Canada Centre and published the first Not Your Typical Game Recaphere on Spurs in the 6. After having a chance to scroll back through the Spurs in the 6 twitter timeline, I though it would be fun to do a social media recap.  On that note, I humbly present Top Tweets: Raptors 905 v. Austin Spurs edition. Enjoy!

It was an early start. Especially if you were on central time. That didn't stop the kids from showing up early on March Break.

I was hyped to be covering the game.. .and to be hooked up with Spurs on Sixth again!

The 905 set a new D-League attendance record with 18,099 tickets sold (there were not actually that many people in attendance.

Jean Charles' defence was one of the bright spots for the Spurs. The star of the game was Brady Heslip and his hot shooting from deep.

Spurs fans are everywhere (and amazing).

One of the joys of watching the game live and the little things that take place after the whistle. My favourite picture of the game.


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